Yellow Mellow Doordle-Set Of 2

SKU: KN1808-A

In the box : Pack Of 2 Handles

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Material Quality: Our door handle collection is designed with a combination of different materials, including glass, metal, and ceramic, to cater to the home decor aesthetic of diverse homeowners. Handmade using heavy-duty metal, all the door handles on our website are sturdy and durable.  


Contemporary Aesthetic: Drawing inspiration from diverse influences and global trends, this door handle collection is designed to blend seamlessly with modern, traditional, minimal, and industrial interiors. Explore this collection to find a door handle set that suits your home and style preference. 


Application/Utility: These door handles are suitable for homes, offices, hotels, cafes, shops, studios, bars, etc; in particular, any furniture or cabinet in the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, entryway, study room, etc. The various designs and colors in this collection complement different traditional and contemporary furniture - lending them a universal look.


Premium Design: Our door handles feature smooth polished edges and ergonomic designs that prevent unexpected injuries while offering a comfortable grip. Based on their designs, these door handles come with intricate carving, hand-painted patterns, and delicate shapes crafted by our in-house team of Indian artists that gives every piece a completely unique look.


Rust & Corrosion Proof: Being handmade from heavy-duty premium metal, these door handles are rust and corrosion-proof. They also come with a protective rust-resistant paint coating that makes them durable and long-lasting.