Antique Owl Door Knocker

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Animal-Inspired Design: Drawing inspiration from wildlife, these door knockers are designed to resemble different animals that will help add a stylish statement to your entrance. 

Material Quality: Handcrafted in premium metal, these sturdy door knockers produce a loud but pleasant sound making them a better alternative for electric bells. 

Vintage Aesthetic: Inspired by the traditional door knocker design, these knockers will take you back in time, with their timeless design and intricate details. They make a ting sound, which sounds pleasant to the ears, and also doesn’t annoy you or your neighbors with annoying tunes. The sound of these door knockers depends on how hard it is being pushed against the door and can vary based upon the pressure. 

Easy to Install: These door knockers are delivered with installation hardware including nuts & bolts, which makes them very easy to install. (Note: Customers might require professional help to install them based on the design of their doors). 

Versatile Design: These Vintage Wildlife Door Knockers blend seamlessly with different interior aesthetics and home decor styles, making them perfect for modern as well as traditional homes.