It all starts with a cup of coffee, here are some different coffee mugs for you to pick according to your preferred style

Posted by Decokrafts Store

While traveling around the world from the coffee counters to the Starbucks or to our own kitchen coffee has shaped itself according to different taste buds be it a bold Turkish coffee, a bitter black or a foamy espresso.

All sweet or bitter memories twirl around a cup of coffee, our very fine color blocked ceramic coffee mug with a honeycomb structure is Specially designed by the ideas of the bittersweet after taste of the coffee and is completely eco-friendly not just it looks modest but also reminds of the earthen natural colors, which will enhance the experience of having your preferred coffee in it.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

Even having a coffee from your preferred mug tells a lot about your personality. If you are someone who loves the smell of soil after rains or someone who holds the simplicity within themselves and don't want to go for some heavy fancy designs here is an alternative for you. This design will remind you of rain drops falling over a mud house or a clay mug but with a better version.

Ceramic Coffee mug

Neutral colors are highly underrated and are visually appealing, unlike the warm colors who highly dominates your brain and sometimes look very chaotic on the other hand neutral color, they provide the sense of warmth and relaxation in your gloomy days, when you take one sip of your coffee out from our very coffee mug with a blend of beige and black for those who likes to keep it minimal.

 Ceramic Coffee mug

Just like having different preferences in the taste of coffee, people have a different choice for their mugs too. Some people likes to be a little funky, play around different colors, finding something which looks tempting to their eyes. We have designed these tri color blocked coffee mug keeping them in the mind, with a little warm red mixed with a vibrant yellow and a hint of white engraved with vertical lines. Having a sip of coffee and feeling like faster than a flash is never a wrong move.